Hello world! (A Real Post Though…)

Hello World!!!

I’ve gone back to WordPress for my website. So please bear with me as I update the site and upload my music… Again… 🙂

I was trying to figure out how I was going to incorporate this production/singing/musician thing with everything else that I do. Apparently, I’m going to have to manage 3 different brands. I guess that’s ok. I wanted it right?

Stay tuned.



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Jap plateee on a toaster

I used to have one of these… In Hot Lava… still my favorite car EVER… used to show it in shows and was even part of a car club for Scions in VA. Mine was limited edition #092. I will never forget that car. I hate that I got rid of it. Last time I listen to someone other than my gut.


I have 3 tumblr accounts. I wish I could link them all to 1 email account so I wouldn’t have to keep signing in and out when I want to post under a different personality… 

Anyway… LOL I was headed over to my other Facebook account to delete it. But when I got there, I realized that there are people there that still like to interact with JadaRae. I smiled and left the page alone. I was thinking that no one gave a hoot, and since I spent the majority of my time on my personal page, no one really noticed that I was there. But an old friend from back in the day reposted a video that I did years ago. It was my production and his words. I was shocked because I didn’t even think he remembered doing the piece. But there it was. Kinda made me smile. So I guess I’m keeping it up and running LOL

I do need to get back into the studio. It’s kinda hard in this situation that I’m in because privacy in my own studio is at a minimum right now. When I move that will change, but my plan was to have my EP finished by December. Not sure if that’s going to happen now.

But I guess I could always pray that something miraculous happens right?

Until next time…

All Emotional… Cause Music Does That To Me…

I’m supposed to be asleep. I have insomnia, and I usually take something for it, but tonight I forgot. Well I didnt forget, but I have to get up early, so taking my sleep aid will render me totally incoherent when I wake up early. So… Anyway… since I’m wide awake and listening to all of the ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY AMAZING MUSIC… I’ve been getting all emotional. Music does that. I can’t help it. Tears just start forming, and before I can even will myself to “stop it”, they’ve already started running down my cheeks. Its actually kind of embarrassing, especially when the song is NOT SAD!! LOL Oh well… 

So I’ve been, as my Honey says, “beat hunting”. And all of this amazing music has just made me crazy… in a good way. I’ve been dancing, crying, thinking up words to certain beats… Its just… UGH!!! I wish I could explain how music moves me, but I can’t put it into words. So I don’t even try. I just listen, and enjoy, and hope that I can make music half as beautiful as what I get to listen to.

Until next time… 🙂


Have you every heard something that just makes you say DAAAYYYYYUUUUMMMMMM!!!!! This is one of those tracks… I’ve been replaying this track for a while now…  :

Track for a mixtape – Little slicey dicey of MJ – You Are Not Alone. Hope you all love it, please follow me on Twitter & Facebook, repost, retweet and all that.

Big up EMCEE Recordings!

Maverick Soul (mavericksoul.com)


Gotta love family… And I’ve got some of the most talented family members around. I say this because my jazz trumpeter cousin El has come into town to hang out with the likes of me lol. He just came back from being in London and Sweden or Switzerland doing a gig. And that didn’t include his regular Harlem gigs that he’s got regularly. Needless to say I’m happy he’s hangin out with us for a few days before heading back to NY.

I asked him if he’d play a little bit on one of my upcoming CDs. He agreed. I also asked my dad who plays harmonica to get in on the act for another song. So my talented family will definitely get on this CD. I even told my daughter that if she wanted I could write a little something for her to song, or say, or even play on the piano. She’s 11, and at the moment not thrilled about doing anything with her momma. Lol. That’s ok though… She’ll come around sooner or later.

She’s got piano lessons in the morning, so I need to attempt to get some sleep…

Until next time…


Blessed are the weird people – poets, misfits, writers…painters, troubadours. For they teach us to see the world through different eyes.

Jacob Nordby (via beccajodirt)


Call me crazy, but its something about the football season that gets my creative juices flowin’. I BLEED GREEN (Eagles Baby!!!), but during the season I watch any and every game that is allowable by my tv. Sunday I’m usually in front of the tv with my laptop and the games… If the game sucks, its doesn’t matter, I have a good pair of headphones, so I’m listening to music, while watching football, and writing… I love football season!!!!